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#NWTW Week 18: What Did I Reckon to Lebanese Red?

It’s funny, as I’m comfortably inside my fourth decade on the planet those hangovers are getting less and less forgiving.  A great friend was over from Norway this weekend so on Saturday we followe…


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Winemaking in Egypt at El Gouna’s winery

It was once an important part of Ancient Egyptian culture but wine has virtually disappeared from the country. Now there is a small revival of the drink.


"The Ancient Egyptians were one of the first civilisations to honour the drink, giving it an important role in ceremonial life…"

Squeezing grapes under Syrian war clouds

Lebanese winemakers on the border with Syria struggle to work amid violence, instability and dwindling tourist numbers.


"Saade’s family established Domaine de Bargylus in 2003, and began producing wine in 2006 along the slopes of the al-Ansariyah mountains, in northwestern Syria…"

Serge Hochar, the Brave Knight of Lebanon | Wine News & Features

Serge Hochar, the Brave Knight of Lebanon. Chateau Musar’s Serge Hochar’s ancestors came to Lebanon as Crusaders. Today, his naturally made wines are recognized among the world’s best.


"If global warming continues in this direction, in 50 years we will not be able to produce grapes at all. Fifty years ago, I used to harvest after the 15th of September; 10 years ago, we were harvesting the first week of September. Now we are harvesting whites in early August and reds starting in mid-August. This is worrying. " Said Serge Hochar